Thursday, September 20, 2012

HUNTing for Goodies???

I know I am always searching for fun hunts to do, being a bit of a Huntaholic and all around bargain hunter.  Well, that is until I began creating.  That being said, we here at [E+HeR3@L (hA0s] are thrilled to announce we are in three, count them, 1, 2, 3!  upcoming hunts!  And hopefully the list is still growing!!!  So, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming hunt gift for The Ancient Hunt Nov 25th - Dec. 25th.

 Awww look at lil ole Panda.  This build is huge!  This is me in my regular avatar, so yes, it really is that darn big!  That being said it is a beautiful build perfect for afternoon seclusion with your special someone or heck, you could even use it for a home if you like open style builds for homes!
 This petal light fits perfectly into the "roof" of the Gazebo and I love how the fabric petals around it as well!
And some lovely petal accent draping to help keep the harsh sun and eyes from being able to see everything you do!  Hehe

We are busting our bums to get the rest of our gifts done for you and will preview them here for you so keep an eye out!  We are also in A Petite Halloween Hunt Oct 10th-31st and Cast-Masters Fishing Hunt 5 Oct.10th - Nov 10th.

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