Thursday, September 20, 2012

HUNTing for Goodies???

I know I am always searching for fun hunts to do, being a bit of a Huntaholic and all around bargain hunter.  Well, that is until I began creating.  That being said, we here at [E+HeR3@L (hA0s] are thrilled to announce we are in three, count them, 1, 2, 3!  upcoming hunts!  And hopefully the list is still growing!!!  So, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming hunt gift for The Ancient Hunt Nov 25th - Dec. 25th.

 Awww look at lil ole Panda.  This build is huge!  This is me in my regular avatar, so yes, it really is that darn big!  That being said it is a beautiful build perfect for afternoon seclusion with your special someone or heck, you could even use it for a home if you like open style builds for homes!
 This petal light fits perfectly into the "roof" of the Gazebo and I love how the fabric petals around it as well!
And some lovely petal accent draping to help keep the harsh sun and eyes from being able to see everything you do!  Hehe

We are busting our bums to get the rest of our gifts done for you and will preview them here for you so keep an eye out!  We are also in A Petite Halloween Hunt Oct 10th-31st and Cast-Masters Fishing Hunt 5 Oct.10th - Nov 10th.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Da MoFo News and Stuff

So just letting you all know I am still doing some massive hair pulling and banging of my head into a wall, but I am working my MoFo tail off to get everything into the marketplace for you.  Check it out here:  

 I will also be working on the new Group Gift, so keep your eyes peeled here for the exclusive!  

*pssst also the Sakura Dividers you are secretly craving???? $L55 tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 only!  After that those babies jump back up to $L200 each or $L350 for the fatpacks.  This deal is available in world only at 

Love, Light and Ethereal Chaos!

Da MoFo Panda

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sakura Room Divider & Pose Prop and Marketplace

Welcome back my lil (hA0tics!  Today I am pleased to announce to you my newest creation  *drum roll*

Sakura Room Dividers

and once again available in both Regular size and Petite Friendly size!
*psst  I even made this pose myself! \o/*

These come in 10 fun colors and have 8 poses as well.
They will be available to see in world soon at 

or check out my brand spankin new MarketPlace Store at 

Love, Light and Ethereal Chaos!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I arrive upon these distant magical shores searching for the words that can set this haunted heart free.  Verbarian dance upon the winds falling upon the heavily trodden paths...shattering into a million colloquy.

The foot of oppression threatens those whom seek to release the truths of the worlds to chase us and trample we few rebels deep into the terra firma building new skeletal layers.

Weep for the doomed and the trodden, light your candles in remembrance.

Collect yourself stand firm in your beliefs, gather your strength and catch the words upon your tongue for the next wave, the next sunrise is yours...

Let not the haze of their lies and indecision case shadows upon your mind.  Be still and hear the truths that flow in your blood and dance upon your heart.

Love, Light and Ethereal Chaos!


Whisper Series

Well my lovely lil (hA0tIcs, tis that time of year.  The leaves set ablaze in a riot of colors and tumble in the wind scattering like confetti upon the ground.

Don't be sad, it's an Autumn Party!

And to celebrate, I have a lovely new addition to the store, just for you!

                                  THE WHISPER SERIES

These cute little sets include The Whisper Mesh top in 5 sizes, Whisper Leggings in White and matching colored flats.  All for the unbelievably low price of


Come see in world!

E+Her3@L ChA0s

Love, Light & Ethereal Chaos!


Bewb Toob Outfits!


Is the Apocalypse coming, has the world ended?  OMG!  Run for the hills!

Okay, calm down deep breaths, I was only kidding!  But holy guacamole, two posts in one day!

*Actually, Don't mess yourself, but I have one more coming your way!*

Sheesh, you don't hear from me for months and now, now I tap you twice in one day.

Hey now!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  LOL

I have been  a fairly busy lil bee.  Umm wait, I'm not a bee, I'm a Panda!  But okay, I have been a very busy lil Panda!

I am very pleased to introduce to you the

                                        BEWB TOOB OUTFIT!

This cute little outfit comes with a sculpty top and  cute jeans.  And yep, you read correctly these babies are in both

                           regular and Petite friendly sizes!

Can't decide which size to get?  Like to bounce between both sizes?  Fear not young padawan, the Panda has you covered!

                           BEWB TOOB OUTFIT FATPACKS!

More colors than you can shake a stick at!  Come see in world!

E+hEr3@L (hA0s

Love, Light & Ethereal Chaos!


Auntie Prude Chairs

I know, I know, I am terrible at blogging!  Between trying to create items in SL, keeping up with my family and doing my school work, unfortunately this area gets the short end of the stick.

                          *pokes it with the very sharp end of a stick*

 But, that being said, I am very, very pleased to announce to you the Auntie Prude Chair Series!

These lovely chairs have an old school vintage chic feel reminiscent of dear old Auntie Prude.  And guess what???  The plastic is off of these! 


There are a total of 9 poses male and female variations, 17 color variations for Biggies and my dear Petites, 18 for you!  Yes one exclusive color!  Gloomy Day!

                                                   $L200 each.  

Furnish your home with both biggie and Petite furniture?  Fatpacks of each color/both size options are available for 

      $L350!  That is a $L50 discount off the regular price!!!

Come see in world to try before you buy!

Love, Light & Ethereal Chaos!