Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bewb Toob Outfits!


Is the Apocalypse coming, has the world ended?  OMG!  Run for the hills!

Okay, calm down deep breaths, I was only kidding!  But holy guacamole, two posts in one day!

*Actually, Don't mess yourself, but I have one more coming your way!*

Sheesh, you don't hear from me for months and now, now I tap you twice in one day.

Hey now!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  LOL

I have been  a fairly busy lil bee.  Umm wait, I'm not a bee, I'm a Panda!  But okay, I have been a very busy lil Panda!

I am very pleased to introduce to you the

                                        BEWB TOOB OUTFIT!

This cute little outfit comes with a sculpty top and  cute jeans.  And yep, you read correctly these babies are in both

                           regular and Petite friendly sizes!

Can't decide which size to get?  Like to bounce between both sizes?  Fear not young padawan, the Panda has you covered!

                           BEWB TOOB OUTFIT FATPACKS!

More colors than you can shake a stick at!  Come see in world!

E+hEr3@L (hA0s

Love, Light & Ethereal Chaos!


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