Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Auntie Prude Chairs

I know, I know, I am terrible at blogging!  Between trying to create items in SL, keeping up with my family and doing my school work, unfortunately this area gets the short end of the stick.

                          *pokes it with the very sharp end of a stick*

 But, that being said, I am very, very pleased to announce to you the Auntie Prude Chair Series!

These lovely chairs have an old school vintage chic feel reminiscent of dear old Auntie Prude.  And guess what???  The plastic is off of these! 


There are a total of 9 poses male and female variations, 17 color variations for Biggies and my dear Petites, 18 for you!  Yes one exclusive color!  Gloomy Day!

                                                   $L200 each.  

Furnish your home with both biggie and Petite furniture?  Fatpacks of each color/both size options are available for 

      $L350!  That is a $L50 discount off the regular price!!!

Come see in world to try before you buy!

Love, Light & Ethereal Chaos!


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