Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bleed It Out

For quite sometime I have felt my creative juices have dried up leaving only a grimy film upon my mind's eye, blinding it to the beauty of the world.  Unable to feel, a numbness that overtook evey inch of my being. 

Today I cast off the shackles that have bound me to a colorless existance.  I took a picture and instantly my mind raced with words begging to be released.  I put pen to paper and the words coarsing through my veins spilled across the paper. 

These words and pictures I now provide to you for your pleasure. 

                                           Pandora's Song

     I stand a faithful watch upon these shores of desolation and ruin.
     My deplorable act borne not of malice but a simple curiosity. A gift bearing maladies and pain, a folly forever regretted.
     My castigation unleashed for not just I but all of humanity to serve.
     Tears flow as hearts break and violence shatters families; the beast prowls gloating at his fortune.
     For we are the lost souls of Chaos you the children of Pandora, we desperately search for the fleeting glimmer of that for which we seek.
     When found we shall break the bonds that cage us. Our voices will ring out with rejoice and our souls shall sing with the song of the Sirens.
     For that glimmer will bathe the world and all who inhabit her with a brilliant healing light and chase Hades back to the Underworld forever losing his power over us.
     Yea, let it be known that glimmer, that light in which we seek is called the elusive elphis,
the ever fleeting

<3 and Bright Paths!


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  1. Mmn, mmn, mmmmn. Welcome back, kindred heart. I knew you were in there somewhere...

    "The ideal and the beautiful are identical; the ideal corresponds to the idea, and beauty to form; hence idea and substance are cognate."
    -Victor Hugo